Friday, March 30, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: Sambar's Orangiste

Crafted by Jay Kuehner
If you didn't get wet on your way to Sambar, don't worry, the downpour can be enjoyed once inside. Sambar may be your first and final stop in Ballard for cocktails if you arrive during one of Jay Kuehner's shifts. A steady hand and a refined taste, his skills are known and respected by many in the industry. This Rumdrops post highlights a cocktail fitting for the season titled, Orangiste. Raise your glass folks and toast to the marriage of Rhum Agricole and the juice of blood orange. Love and marriage go together right? As I listen to a couple's conversation at the bar, Jay heats up the commentary about the cocktail being carefully built before their eyes. He smiles and replies, "Oh, I can put the sexy on it." He does just that with some Clément Créole Shrubb. This lucid relationship, or should I say, ménage à trois, would put even Dr. Phil out of business. The floral notes of Rhum J.M. overcome your sense of smell as the silky sweet texture of Creole Shrubb coat the inside of your mouth, leaving you with a love bite of orange citrus. Did I mention it also contains the Italian digestif, Barolo Chinato? This offers a little spiced complexity and maturity, rounding the cocktail off perfectly. Yum! Sambar's cocktail menu features three other rum based cocktails to try out as well. What's that you say? You want to have Jay just make you a drink? Ask for a rum based cocktail using ginger. He's the master, just take a look at this decorative impromptu below.

Crafted by Jay Kuehner

Readers beware, for Jay's days are limited as Sambar has recently announced its closing. After June 2nd, you may only get to experience Jay's knowledge of this craft in his upcoming cocktail book, so go and enjoy the talents of one of Seattle's finest bartenders while you still can!


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