Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rum Fire Arrives in Washington State

Rum Fire at Liberty
Drink by Andrew Friedman

Rum is not dead. In fact, it's just starting to catch fire, particularly in Washington State. A new arrival has just hit the market with much to do; it's called Rum Fire. Those of you who like that funky, hogo character in their rum are in for a treat. Straight out of Trelawny, Jamaica, in the Overproof (63% ABV) category, this rum, like its label, does not lie. No, we aren't talking flavorless, neutral, 151 proof formulations here folks, we are talking about mouth full of flavor, Jamaican pot still rum. Oh hell yeah! J. Wray and Nephew Rum might have been your go to workhorse up until now, but, let's not get confused, Rum Fire is a thoroughbred. Well-endowed in all the right areas, Rum Fire will improve your Tiki game, move your mixed drinks and simply take your breath away. Plus, a little goes a long way, so there is good value as well. For more information, take a look at our article recounting the historic Hampden Estate several years back to learn a bit more about how Rum Fire is made.

Not surprisingly, this rum is already making a statement. Andrew Friedman, owner of Liberty, one of the long-time respected cocktail bars in Seattle, has reported it to be one of the two rums used in their new 'house blend' well rum. In a recent post, Andrew writes:

"Next trend! House blends!"

Our new #HouseBlend well rum? 5 parts @Ron_Cartavio silver/one part Rum Fire.

Guaranteed better #daiquiri.

Rum Fire & Ron Cartavio Silver
photo credit: Andrew Friedman, Liberty


Similarly, Mojito Restaurant, who recently launched their new cocktail menu, has made their decision as well. One of their new drinks is titled, TNT aka "Trelawny 'n' Ting" and it's dynamite alright. Luam Wersom, co-owner of Mojito, remarks, "this...oh man, this is my type of drink!". I doubt many will disagree either, just take a look, or even better, go have a drink!

TNT "Trewlany 'n' Ting"
Mojito Restaurant

Rum Fire (like Ron Cartavio Silver and Ting) is being distributed by American Northwest. You will soon find this Rum at retail liquor stores like QFC University Village, Esquin, Capco, Bevmo and Total Wine among others. And if you don't see it at you local liquor store (or bar), that means something's not right. So, ask them to order the Rum Fire and get your party started!

Join us for Rum Fire's Official Washington State Launch Party Events!

Saturday, Feb. 20th 7-10pm
Details here:

Sunday, Feb. 21st 7-10pm
Details here:

Monday, Feb. 22nd 7-10pm
Details here:



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