Thursday, February 18, 2016

Denizen Rum Arrives in Washington State

Denizen Aged White & Merchant's Reserve Rums
Leavenworth, WA
It's true, Denizen Rums are now stateside, Washington State side that is and it's about time. These two lovely blends of the E&A Scheer are an answer to a time past, but not lost and most definitely not forgotten. In fact, after tasting them, you might likely begin to question any previous ideas of using (or making) overly distilled rums, which have very little to no detectable flavor or that lack substance, well, like vodka. Sorry, not sorry! Each of Denizen's expressions are thoughtfully created for the purpose of mixing without losing the essence of the rum's character. The Aged White Rum consists of a blend of both aged and un-aged Trinidadian rums married with a small portion of high-ester Jamaican rums. Pot still with contrast, bingo! Almost sounds like medical speak, but rest assured, it's highly therapeutic. That's right rum lovers, they are freeing the funk out of it, literally! The Merchant's Reserve is the marriage of aged and un-aged Jamaican Rums with Rhum Grand ArĂ´me from Martinique. This rum blend is a living reincarnation of the blend that Trader Vic Bergeron used to make his "second adjusted Mai-Tai"; a true homage to another blend and blender. So cool, not to mention tasty! A slow clap for the rum's founder, Nicholas Pelis of Citizen Spirits. Now, thanks to American Northwest, these two amazing rums are being distributed here!

Join us for Denizen's Official Washington State Launch Party Events!

Saturday, Feb. 20th 7-10pm
Details here:

Sunday, Feb. 21st 7-10pm
Details here:

Monday, Feb. 22nd 7-10pm
Details here:



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