Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five of the Hottest Tiki Haunts from Seattle to Tacoma and A Chance to Win $250!

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Sea Quest of the Unknown Hippocampus
by Jason Alexander, Tacoma Cabana
Ready or not, the Tiki scene is taking hold of the Northwest. Yeah, it's a thing; but knowing where and when to get your Polynesian-themed, rum fueled celebration on is important. Authentic Tiki drinks are thoughtful and delicious, best enjoyed with friends and thankfully, are now within arm's reach at select bars. Here's our list of the best spots to visit from Sea-town to T-town. Salud!!

Tacoma Cabana Wed.-Sat. 5pm-12am

Rumba Wednesdays 5pm-1am

Rob Roy Mondays 4pm-2am

Essex Tuesdays 5pm-10pm

The Diller Room Fri.-Tue. 2pm-2am

Tiki drinks, like Sea Quest of the Unknown Hippocampus (above photo) feat. Rhum Damoiseau 110proof and Rum Fire Jamaican Overproof Rum, will impress, but what about learning of cool new apps and winning some extra cash. Because, well, properly made Tiki drinks aren't cheap, right?!

Great News!!

In celebration of the launch of NightOwl 3.0, Nicholas Feris, founder of The Rum Collective, has teamed up with an incredible roster of bloggers and nightlife luminaries that you'll want to know and follow. Be sure to visit and follow their sites:

John Romard of
Dara Pollak of
Ryan Shea of
Selena of
Tara of ThirstyNYC
Jane of


Just go to the entry links below. Each time you take an action listed - following a blogger, downloading the app, signing up for a newsletter - you'll get additional entries, increasing your chances of winning

Rules: You must be a US resident and 21 years and older


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