Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Seattle Rum Drops: Tacoma Cabana's Sea Quest Of The Unknown Hippocampus

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Sea Quest Of The Unknown Hippocampus
Tacoma Cabana

The morning chill is present and rain falls from the sky; but one must recall, Summer doesn't officially end for another two weeks. A double check of the calendar confirms it is still September and despite recent memories of warmth, the sun has forgotten to shine here in the Northwest. No problem, as they say in Jamaica, for another sort of tropical heat is now being served at our favorite local Tiki spot, Tacoma Cabana. Their newest menu cocktail, Sea Quest Of The Unknown Hippocampus, has the contrasting ability to both unearth pleasant memories and subdue any unwanted ones. Its curious name has meaning, but let's just call it 'Sea Quest' for short, a more palatable title for the short term memory. Jason Alexander, co-owner and its creator, tells us the recipe was serendipitous. The first rift of ingredients used needed no further modifications. As he makes our Sea Quest, he mentions how a recent radio show discussed the hippocampus, notable for its role in memory. Jason recounted it was Latin for seahorse - the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a fish. Hence the fitting Tiki mug and brilliant name. Awesome! If you have tasted the memorable Rhum Damoiseau 110 proof or Rum Fire (126 proof), then you know to expect a incredibly aromatic and flavorful split base. Properly balanced and telling, one sip of Sea Quest unveils a flavor load driven by the Jamaican thoroughbred Rum Fire and illuminated by the charms of the Guadeloupe Sun-filled Rhum Damoiseau 110 proof. Genepy's floral and herbal notes compliment the agricole while rounding out the elemental sweet, citrus and spice blend. During Martin & Rebecca Cate's recent visit to launch their amazing new book, Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum and the Cult of Tiki, the following accolade came after tasting the Sea Quest.

Rebecca Cate, Smuggler's Cove

Sea Quest Of The Unknown Hippocampus
Tacoma Cabana

Sea Quest Of The Unknown Hippocampus
by Jason Alexander

.75oz Rum Fire
.75oz Rhum Damoiseau 110 proof
1oz Don's Mix
.5oz Dolin Genepy des Alpes
.25oz Orgeat (house made)
.75oz lemon juice

It's on the menu, so head down to Tacoma Cabana and order a drink to remember. It might, no, it should become one of the timeless Tiki drink on bars across the USA and beyond.



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  4. I am wheated bourbon drinker. But I recently read that there were some rums out there that were as good as a Pappy. So I went shopping. I tried a 5 year old Plantation, which was light, but quite pleasant. Upon the advice of a shop owner, I tried Zara. I couldn’t believe how bad it was! I called the store and complained, something I have never done before. Then I went searching on line and besides some supporting comments, I found you! I love your website and look forward to a rum education.
    Best wishes,
    Linda Farina

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