Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: AQUA's Hurricane

AQUA by El Gaucho
Getting out of the rain and into a rum-based cocktail is a good goal for any Seattleite. On a beautiful sunny day like today this isn't too difficult to accomplish (psst...don't tell anyone it isn't raining in Seattle). AQUA by El Gaucho, with its 180 degree water view and modern decor, makes it easy to slip into happy hour. Staying true to our wet weather theme, today's forecast calls for a Hurricane at Pier 70. This cocktail's name is based off the classic glass it's usually served in; but the mix of what's inside is rumoured to have originated as way to dispose of unwanted rums. A potent mixture concealed by its fresh fruit juices and sugar based syrups. Straight out of Pat O'Briens in New Orleans and served proper, it can bring a category 5 storm to the unfamiliar drinker. Often this colorful liquid display is too sweet for many palates due to the misuse of grenadine syrup. The Hurricane at AQUA is well-balanced and refreshing, just the thing to get the party started. Their outdoor patio opens soon and unlike many other outdoor waterside venues in Seattle, it has seating for you and your friends! A note for readers who have little ones, they boast a family friendly restaurant and their service is top notch. Oh, did I mention they also have a talented pianist named Ben behind their grand piano in the bar? And that their happy hour continues seven days a week? If your first Hurricane doesn't rock you the live piano will. Awesome! Stop by for a cocktail, say hi to Ben and enjoy an evening sunset in one of, if not the best, bar views Seattle has to offer.


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