Sunday, November 30, 2014

Master of Malt's 2014 Advent Calendar: The Coming of Rum

The Rum Advent Calendar (2014 Edition)
Advent calendars, for many, give a sense of excitement of what is or is not to come. They often bring forth fond memories of childhood, filled with special surprises to keep you calm (or calmer) as the countdown to Christmas, although numbered, seemed like an endless period of time. The idea is perfectly simple. A box, more or less rectangle-shaped, made of cardboard, decorated with images of Christmas lore shrouding a series of small numbered demarcations which are opened to reveal something special. Inside you find an uncertain present, like a wrapped piece of chocolate or toy to open each day until December 25th. Fun, right? Don't you miss it?? Well, now, you don't have to; and we are not talking about chocolate here folks. Behold an adult-only calendar. Nice! No, not with nude photos or sex toys; come on now, keep it clean. We are talking about adult beverages, specifically, the sugar cane spirits kind. Oh yeah!! Master of Malt has done it alright...and they did it right. Their 2014 Rum Advent Calendar featuring their very cool Drinks by the Dram concept has captured that innocent childhood-like fun and increased the proof. Naughty! That's right rum lovers, each day you can look forward to a new dram of quality rum (not to worry all you whiskey, tequila, cognac and difficult to understand vodka types, they have you covered too). Hmm, what will today have in store, Jamaican or perhaps Bajan? Is tomorrow going to be filled with Demerara dreams or hot night in Trinidad? You never know what the next numbered box might have in store. Instead of reindeer, wrapped presents and elves in snow on its front, you get a member of the British Royal Navy, or perhaps a pirate-gone-privateer enjoying his latest rum booty with his faithful dog by his side. Check out the view of the sea and a bounty of rum bottles on the shelves. Seriously, how fun is that!? Well, after learning of this temptation last year, the opportunity to experience it this holiday season could not be missed. The holiday season just got better. Time to set a course for 24 days of rum and fun, so let the countdown begin!!

Starting December 1st, follow along each day on The Rum Collective Facebook page as we journey through each offering from the 2014 Rum Advent Calendar!



  1. Holiday is a combination of fundraising and cocktails. When we mixed this combination, it is the best way celebration. Donating tasting in live action is a brilliant idea.

  2. This is such a fun and unique idea! Advent calendars are usually associated with childhood memories but i also use this in my Aesthetic Medical Center Dubai, but Master of Malt has taken it to the next level with their adult-only version featuring different types of rum. It's exciting to think about what surprises each day's box may hold, and the opportunity to try new and high-quality rums is definitely a treat. The packaging and design of the calendar is also impressive, with a nautical theme that adds to the overall experience. I can't wait to follow along on The Rum Collective Facebook page and see what each day's dram has in store. Cheers to 24 days of rum and fun!