Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drinks by the Dram: A Novel Concept

Drinks by the Dram
Imagine you arrive at your local liquor store to buy a bottle of a rum (or scotch, etc.) only to find yourself presented with an age old dilemma. The bottle is pricey; an unaffordable gamble without knowing if you like what's inside first. And, unfortunately, there isn't a mini size offered for that bottle of El Dorado 21yr you were just looking at. Sound familiar? Well, Master of Malt offers a solution to this dilemma. This solution is called, "Drinks by the Dram".

If you want to try a "sample" before buying the full bottle, you can. On their website next to each product, one only needs to click on the "Try a Sample" icon. Simple! The "sample" size is 3cl (one fluid ounce) and it arrives in a glass container with the top screw cap closure fashionably sealed with wax (see photo). This is ideal as glass doesn't impart or remove any flavor like plastic and the wax seal keeps the exposure to oxygen at a minimum before it arrives in your mouth. Thus, the "sample" maintains its original character and is representative of the larger bottle it came from. The samples are packaged in a neat recyclable cardboard box holding up to five samples. The box is also surrounded with bubble wrap for its journey across the pond from the UK. The "Try a Sample" option isn't available for all their rums in stock, but I am told more and more brands are becoming available as agreements are reached. So it is worth checking their site periodically for updates.

Renegade Guyana Port Morant 6yr (left)
Green Label 15yr Old Trinidad (middle)
Renegade Grenada Westerhall 12yr 1996 (right)
Their selection is another advantage. Many of the rums and other spirits on their site are not available here in Washington or other states. For example, you can find several Barbados rums from R.L. Seale, such as Foursquare Spiced Rum, or R.L. Seale's 10yr and Doorly's XO, both of which have sample options! Demerara rums are dreamy and you don't have to daydream about finding more variety any longer. For example, they list Enmore still 1988, Port Morant 1992, and O.V.D Rum to name a few. Perhaps you are looking for a that special gift? Giving the gift of a rare bottle of booze is something special. They have got you covered with the El Dorado 25yr 1980 or Jamaica Vintage Rum 1941. But what about shipping? Master of Malt ships to most locations in the United States so check out their delivery page for details. To conclude I will offer my readers this advice:

"That doctor's a fool, I tell you. If I don't have a dram o' rum, Jim, I'll have the horrors; I've seen some on 'em already."
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson 

Cheers to Master of Malt for their novel "Drinks by the Dram" concept and their selection of Rum!


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