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The Rum Collective's 'Hot' Harvest Cocktail Contest: The Winners

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The Coterie Room Bar
Hot drinks featuring Rhum J.M was the theme of our Contest and the cocktails were a blazin'! Considering several of the rhums used were 100 proof, this may or may not be a surprise. The bar at The Coterie Room set the stage as the finalists prepared and the crowd gathered around the Macouba Punch bowl to refill their cups just prior to showtime. The panel of judges gave the sign and the first contestant was called. What were the cocktails, who won and what were their prizes?

Here's a look at all that steaming hot agricole action...

Macouba Punch w/ Rhum J.M Blanc
Macouba Punch
 (single serving)
1.5oz Rhum J.M Blanc (100 proof)
1oz grapefruit juice
0.5oz lime juice
0.5oz passionfruit juice
0.5oz blackberry brandy
6 drops Herbsaint
(Recipe adapted from Chemistry of the Cocktail)


The Hot Cocktails

Finalist Emily Mistell presents...
Lord Grantham
1.5oz brown butter fat-washed Rhum J.M Blanc
6oz brewed Assam black tea (hot)
1/2-3/4oz sweetened condensed milk
Prepare by steeping 2 tsp of tea in 6oz water for four mintues. Pour Rhum J.M, sweetened condensed milk and bitters in a cup and stir in the hot tea. Serve in a tea cup with a russian tea cake made with the brown butter fat that washed the Rhum J.M.

Lord Grantham by Emily Mistell

Finalist Nathan Layman presents...
A Christmas Travesty, Green Cale Edition
1.5oz Rhum J.M Gold (100 proof)
1oz Pineapple Gomme Syrup
0.5oz Becherovka
2oz Hot Water
Prepare Blue Blazer Style, served up in an appropriate hot mug with a large orange zest. Cale Green Edition includes a ham and pineapple garnish.
A Christmas Travesty by Nathan Layman

Finalist Jason Saura presents...
Le Rayon Verte
1oz Rhum J.M Gold (100 proof)
0.5oz Green Chartreuse
2oz Hot Green Tea
0.5oz Honey syrup (2:1 Honey to water)
Prepare by adding the first three ingredients into a silver Tankard and the last two into another. Light alcohol on fire, then pour back and forth 4 - 5 times in the style of the Blue Blazer. Pour into a tempered wine glass, garnish with apple slice and fresh, grated nutmeg 
Le Rayon Verte by Jason Saura

Finalist Kristen Burns presents...
Smoked Caramel Rum Cider
2oz Rhum J.M V.S.O.P
1/4oz ruby port (Porto Defino)
4oz pressed Braeburn Apple cider
1oz house-made smoked sea salt caramel sauce
Prepare by placing Rhum J.M and port to a glass mug, then add heated cider and stir in house-made caramel sauce. Garnish with a house-made rumball using Rhum J.M Gold (& spoonful of caramel)

Smoked Caramel Rum Cider by Kristen Burns

Finalist Casey Robison presents...

Horchata & Rhum Milk Punch
2oz Rhum J.M 10yr. '97'
4-4.5oz home made "Horchata Milk Punch Mix"
(rice, milk, vanilla, condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, agave, aromatic bitters, chocolate bitters)

Prepare in a tea kettle, heated up and served with a stick of Mexican cinnamon

Horchata & Rhum Milk Punch by Casey Robison

The Prizes

Take a look, they're vintage... Oh hell yeah!
1st Place Prize: Rhum J.M 1994, 1997 & V.S.O.P,
'Ti Punch gift set and a 2yr Imbibe subscription 
2nd Place Prize: Rhum J.M 1994,
'Ti Punch gift set and a 1yr Imbibe subscription
3rd Place Prize: Rhum J.M 1997,
'Ti Punch gift set and a 1yr Imbibe subscription


1st Place: Horchata & Rhum Milk Punch by Casey Robison
2nd Place: Smoked Caramel Rhum Cider by Kristen Burns
3rd Place: Le Rayon Verte by Jason Saura

Left to Right: Jason Saura, Kristen Burns & Casey Robison

How About a Big Round of Applause for the Winners!

Thank you to the judges, Rhum J.M, Imbibe Magazine an Spur Gastropub for your support!

Rhum on!!
Rhum J.M Blanc & Rhum J.M Gold


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