Monday, October 21, 2013

The Rum Collective's "Hot" Harvest Cocktail Contest

It's about that time of year when the weather is cold and hot cocktails are all the craze. This harvest season we celebrate with a cocktail competition. Yeah, that's right. The Rum Collective is holding a contest to see who in Seattle can make the best hot cocktail with Rhum J.M. Seattle likes to pride itself with some of the best bars, bartenders, cocktail writers and spirits' enthusiasts in the country, but does Seattle know rhum agricole served hot? Any Seattleite can enter and every Rhum J.M expression is fair game. There are a few rules to read (see below) and finalists will present their cocktail to a panel of judges at The Rum Collective event on November 24th. Who will rise to the challenge?

The Rum Collective's 'Hot' Harvest Cocktail Contest:

Official Rules

Contest Period:
Cocktail entries will be accepted from October 21th 9:00 AM PDT to November 18th  9:00 AM PST. No entries will be accepted before or after this period of time. Entries must be submitted to the organizer’s email ( A response by email stating “entry accepted” will constitute as an official entry acceptance.
-          Limit 1 entry per contestant; contestant must be 21 years of age
-          Entries must be original; Note, any entry thought to be stolen from or plagiarizing an existing cocktail will be disqualified
-          Base spirit must be Rhum J.M (any expression) containing a minimum of 1oz (30ml) base spirit
-          Long or short drinks only; no shots accepted
-          Cocktails prepared to serve at a warm-hot temperature
-          Cocktails should be related to the harvest and/or fall season emphasizing seasonal ideas or characteristics by their ingredients, presentation, etc.
-          Judges may not enter
-          Entries must include:
o   Contestant name, age, place(s) of work and contact (email and phone)
o   Cocktail name, recipe ingredients including proportions, garnish and glassware
§  Ingredients must be expressed in ounces or milliliters (ml), dashes or drops in terms of bitters
§  Ingredients including premixes must obtain and receive written authorization from organizer
§  Garnishes should be edible and not poisonous
o   Preparation method & instructions
o   Reason why it should win
Finalist Notification Period:
-         Finalists will be announced on Friday, November 20th at 9AM PST
Judging Period:
-          Drinks must be assembled and presented to the judges at The Rum Collective event on Novermber 24th, 2013 
o   Competitors must bring all of their own barware/glassware
§  safe and hygienic please
o   Points will be awarded on presentation and taste
§  Creativity, communication, preparation time within 5 minutes, working methods, cocktail characteristics (originality, presentation, taste, etc.)
o   Competitor must prepare enough cocktail for 5 judges to sample
§  Glassware may be provided by organizer/bar for judges evaluation
-          A group of 5 judges will decide the winners including:
o   Nicholas Feris, TRC/IRC
o   Rocky Yeh, Cooper and Sons & ANW
o   Jen Boelts, Imbibe
o   Keith Waldbauer, Liberty
o   Paul Clarke, Cocktail Chronicles
-          Winners will be announced at the competition following The Rum Collective event, Giving Thanks to Rhum J.M: Tasting the Harvest on November 24th, 2013
By entering this competition, competitors agree to assign copyright of cocktail to organizer. Copyright of photos (or video) of winning cocktails at the event, for any use including advertising, will be retained by organizer.
1st Place – Rhum J.M 3 pack (V.S.O.P. / 1997 / 1994) & 'Ti Punch gift set
2nd Place – Rhum J.M 1994 & 'Ti Punch gift set
3rd Place – Rhum J.M 1997 & 'Ti Punch gift set
Any questions? Contact:

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