Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Caribbean Alcohol Beverage Awards

The 2012 Caribbean Alcohol Beverage (CAB) Awards have been released after some days of anxiously waiting. This year's Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival in Grenada came and went earlier this month, almost as fast as Kirani James. If you didn't make it, take a look at a few of the highlights here. Included in the festival is the CAB Tasting Competition. A distinguished list of judges from all around the world entered a closed door room for a full day of evaluating rum. These folks take their rum seriously. Inside, there was the usual judges' banter, albeit with an uninhibited tongue. Tough job! The blind tasting unfolded and after rating each of the 56 Rums on appearance, aroma, taste, finish and overall impression, they left the room without casualties. Let's take a look at what the judges scored highest. Rum roll please...

2012 Caribbean Alcohol Beverage (CAB) Tasting Competition Results

White Rum:
Gold - Westerhall 12 Degrees Rum
Silver - Clarke's Court Superior White Rum
Bronze - Cuello Caribbean White Rum
Overproof Rum:
Gold - Clarke's Court Pure White Rum
Silver - River Antoine Special Aged Rum
Bronze - Westerhall White Jack Rum
Flavoured Rum:
Gold - Cuello Caribbean Coconut Rum
Silver - Bois Bande Rum
Bronze - Clarke's Court Rum Sorrel
Brown/Gold Rum:
Gold - Westerhall Plantation Rum
Silver - Myers Dark Rum
Bronze - Tommy Bahamas Gold Rum
Aged Rum (5 - 9 years):
Gold - Clarke's Court #37 Rum
Silver - Borgoe 8yr Rum
Bronze - Cockspur Old Gold Rum
Aged Rum (10 - 14 years):
Gold - Mount Gay Extra Old Rum
Silver - Westerhall Vintage Rum
Bronze - Cockspur VSOR Rum
Aged Rum (15 years and over):
Gold - El Dorado 15yr Rum
Silver - Borgoe 15yr Rum
Bronze - Zacapa 15yr Rum

Congratulations to all the winners!

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