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2012 Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival: Enter Grenada

Kim & Ashley (SummerCrew Grenada)
2012 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival
The enjoyment of rum, in all its styles and flavors, may be best described by the phrase, 'variety is the spice of life'. After two years in Barbados, the land where rum, as we know it, originated, the festival moves forward further exploring the geography of its namesake. If you missed it last year, find the recap here. This year, the 3rd Annual Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival set down in Grenada to celebrate the isle of spice. Just back from the scene, I return to share a few of the highlights, baring that uncut footage for all to see. Witness photos of the Festival, Grenada's lush vegetation, charming historic distilleries and endless rumshops in the upcoming articles. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit yet, read up and rum on!

Entering the outside area one can hear the rythmic pulse of different drums setting the stage for the opening ceremony. Tivoli African Drummers pour out the beats, so turn it up!


Dr. Williams and Dr. George Vincent, Minister of Tourism
2012 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival
We welcome the Honorable George Vincent Ph.D., Minister of Tourism with the hot Grenada sun to our backs. He talks of Grenada, the tourism sector and a little about his earlier endulgences with Grenadian Rum. Nice!  It's 83 degrees in the shade and the warm Caribbean air is making me thirsty. No worries, for the outside area of the festival is comprised of beer stands and I stand with a refreshing Caybrew Beer in hand. As the crowd begins to arrive, an enchanting dance of the calabash kicks off the festival. Life didn't suck one bit...nope, not at all!

Calabash Dance 
dance: Ms. Brenda Millington
music: Tivoli African Drummers & Dance Troupe


Festive Rum Barrels
(Carribean Rum & Beer Festival and Grenada's colors)
It was time for some more fun so, naturally, it was necessary to make my way towards the rum. Inside the Grenada Cultural Center, booths of rum lined the hall. There were some old favorites, exciting new discoveries and Grenada was well represented. Checking out the displays of each brand while sipping some amazing rums is half the fun. Meeting and talking "rum" with locals and other attendees as well as notable rum enthusiasts is the other part. Over the next two days, good rum-soaked times were had whether you took notes at rum seminars from some notable authorites, like Luis Ayala of Got Rum? and Carl Kanto from Demerara Distillers or just marinate outside chillaxin' with a rum punch taking it all in. Here is a short pictorial of the rum scene...

River Antoine Estate, where sugar cane is still crushed using original methods of human toil and a water driven wheel... 

River Antoine Estate Rum

Mount Gay 1703? Yes please!

Mount Gay Rum

Clarke's Court's cane-tastic booth was impressive and showcased their full line, including
Clarke's Court #37...yum!

Clarke's Court Rum
Rum Punch O'Clock!
River Antoine Estate Rum
A few good years...both paired with chocolate.
Angostura 1919 Rum
Oh, the memories!
Angostura 1824 Rum
Notable authorities on both the Caribbean and Rum...getting all RumFire'd up.
Ya' mon!

Steve Bennett (Uncommon Caribbean) and Dave Russell (Rum Gallery)
Gaining strength with Iron Jack, making the right choice with 12 Degrees and winning awards with their aged Vintage Rum, Westhall Estate has style...

Westerhall Rum

Straight from Suriname and catching lots of attention from the crowds...

Keep you eyes out for this line folks!

Borgoe Rum

The Mount Gay sign read, "Once you go black...", so, why not?
I did and was inclined to return for seconds.

Mount Gay Rum
It was another fun year indeed...
Long live the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival!
View of Grand Anse Beach from Mount Cinnamon
A few blocks away from the Festival lies Grand Anse Beach. Not to be missed, this 2 mile long white sandy haven has something for everyone, night or day (I walked it more than twice just to be certain). Whether you are grabbing a beer at The Owl, partying at Umbrella's or dining like a king at Coconut Beach, the water is a few feet away and view is stunning. I hope to see this little strip of paradise again soon!

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