Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seattle's Rumba: A Sneak Preview pt. 2

 Painting of the Caribbean
by Bruce Smith
Cont. from Part 1...
On my way to the bar, I pause and look back at a painting, an original mind you, with a small photo of Ernest Hemingway at the lower left corner. Nice! The Cuban-styled character of Rumba takes shape. Travis Rosenthal, owner of Rumba, tells me much of its design elements, from the wooden bar to the menu cocktails, are influenced by Hemingway and the famous Cuban bar he frequented, El Floridita. Immaculate and dreamy dark wood interiors contrast up against brilliant tourquise-colored seats. These all too comfy leather apolostered bar stools and booths sporting brass buttons are reminiscent of seats from straight out of the 1950s. One thing is clear from the quality of Rumba's interior design and layout, the owner left little to chance and the results are rumtastic!

Captain's Table
Plantation 20th Anniversary & Plantation 1998 Guadeloupe

My eyes, driven by an appetite for rum, move from the decorations to something more serious, the bar. A quick note to readers: if, no, let me rephrase, when on the upper level of seating, stop for a view from what I will call the Captain's Table. Fit for two, it provides the option of immediate attention from the bartender, just as a bar seat, but affords an elevated and somewhat regal view above it all. Sit and be seen! I did and didn't mind the view at all. Yum!

Perhaps, you came with a small group looking for a private booth but still want to ogle the "Wall of Rum". No worries! There are cozy booths lining the front entrances giving you the full panoramic as you sip your cocktails. The view is stunning!


"Wall of Rum"

Blue Marlin

Plantation Barbados 5yr Grand Réserve

Blue Marlins, Sailboats and Rum!
Got a copy of The Old Man and the Sea?

The path to the long beautifully shaped wooden bar seemed natural and without difficulty. I may have even skipped a little! At some bars, one needs to see the menu to look at the rum options; at Rumba, one needs just raise their head and look up at all the heavenly glory! So I paused, and thought to myself, WWHD? (What Would Hemingway Do?) Naturally, a classic daiquiri came to mind, but I was tempted to see their best and so my request was made. Best, you say? Asked that question, my answer might go something like this: With Rum, there is no "best", no "favorite". However, within this most diverse spirit, there is always one thing; a perfect choice to fit every occasion. What was their answer? My dear readers, let me share their response or rather illustrate it with a few photos. They lined up a selection that only few have witnessed at one time. The beauty and diversity of some of the most premium rum (and cachaça) from all across the earth displayed in all of its majesty across their bar.

Deciding on which seat, now, that was the problem!

Rumba's Bar
(left side view)

Nice Pineapples!

Kate Perry, General Manager

Oh. My.

Rumba's Bar
(right side view)


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