Monday, September 10, 2012

Seattle's Rumba: A Sneak Preview

Rumba & Tango
Pike St., Seattle
Perhaps you have heard the good news; perhaps not. Let me share with you the gospel we speak. This week, a new bar opens in Seattle like no other we have seen here. That's right folks, it's all about Rum! Travis Rosenthal, owner of Tango (see photo), steps forward to offer Seattle a taste of the Caribbean with Rumba, his Cuban styled bar. Not to miss this monumental event, we managed to find ourselves fortunate enough to have a peak around and sit at the bar as the finishing touches were made.

Here is a first look before the doors were open!

I enter to find open shutters with a view...

After a glance, imagery of turquoise waters and Caribbean Rum shacks flood the memory.

Beautifully ornate leaf fans on pulley systems adorn the ceiling....Old Havana?

I think so...

Thoughtfully decorated, tastefully displayed decor of the Caribbean lead me to...

a short word from Wayne Curtis.

After reading in full agreement, thirst leads and I made my way to the bar.

Stay tuned for the next post!

Seattle's Rumba: A Sneak Preview pt. 2


  1. I have to catch up with you folks soon. And I will certainly check out Rumba.

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