Friday, February 17, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: BOKA's Black & Red

Black & Red Cocktail
BOKA Kitchen + Bar
Get out of the cold and warm up by the fire with a rum cocktail at BOKA. Nestled under Hotel 1000 a few blocks south of the Pike Place Market, it offers a liquid escape from the weather outside. Although the bar is long and the restaurant fine, Studio 1000, their dazzling fire pit room just across the hall, will put you in the mood. Yes, fire and alcohol mix well here. What to drink? Perhaps you enjoy classical vermouth filled, spirit-heavy Manhattans or Martinis? BOKA's signature Black & Red cocktail is a rum based variation to try. The Black in this cocktail is Gosling's Black Seal Rum. Pomegranate infused in sweet vermouth for two weeks provides the Red component. Rounded out with Scrappy's Cardamon Bitters, this copper colored cocktail drinks easily. Like the Sweet Palmetto, its ratio of vermouth to rum is equal. However, the bittersweet flavor from the pomegranate and light cardamon notes give it its own unique eastern character. It's difficult to miss their happy hour, or rather hours, so go early, go often but don't go home without trying this $9 libation.


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