Friday, February 10, 2012

Rum with Rocky

El Presidente at Chino's
 (made by Veronika Groth)
Chino's is a relatively quiet cocktail destination in the heart of Capital Hill. Last night, their staff and all who attended, were in for a surprise. Rum with Rocky, a self-titled event, not only brought the rum, but enough people to exceed Chino's maximum capacity! So if you didn't make it, here is what happened...Menus featured several cocktails, such as the El Presidente (see photo) and a duo of rum flights. Rhum ClementChairman's Reserve and Rhum J.M. were among some of the brands present. As I began to sip my cocktail, an appetite for consumption filled the room. Standing space was all that remained. Veronika Groth, the bartender of Oz, keeps pace with a smile from behind the bar. Rhums are poured at a frantic rate as Rocky Yeh makes the rounds. Adapting to the rising tide of the rum-loving population, Rocky passes through each of the tables individually to conversate about the rum at, or rather, in hand. Standing near the bar and I can only hear the passers-by eagerly voice, "Another rum cocktail please". I like the sound of that!

Cheers to Rocky and Chino's for a rum-filled night!

For those who couldn't make it or would like to experience more of the gospel of rum, don't miss
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  1. That sounds like the perfect place to relax after a long hard day. I can only wish there was a place even remotely like that over here.

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