Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cassata: A Taste of Italy in British Columbia

Cup of Cassata
Dolce Gelato
Nothing whispers love like an Italian gelato. Apply an age old dessert recipe from Sicily infused with rum and you may be singing, "That's Amore!" A little over two hours driving time north of Seattle across the border in Canada, one can experience this sort of rapture at Dolce Gelato. Located along the south end of White Rock's famous beachfront walkway just across from the Pier, visitors will also find a picturesque setting. A cup or cone full of Cassata gelato is a perfect treat for a walk along the beach looking out at the body of water known as the Strait of Georgia.
Cassata in Display Case
Dolce Gelato

This gelato's presentation is attractive looking through the glass display case, but a label reading "contains liquor" prompted a closer look. I am told the milk and cream are obtained locally, while the chopped pieces of pistachio nuts, chocolate bits and candied orange peels are from Europe. But what about the Rum? I learn that a certain bottle from a recent trip to Puerto Rico was used. Unfortunately, the owners could not recall the rum's name. Was it Don QRon del Barrilito, Bacardi or another brand that was used? Perhaps a proper visit and a sensitive palate will reveal the mystery. The flavors of nuts, chocolate and orange each pair well with rum in cocktails. In gelato, their diverse textures work well too. Finely chopped pistachio nuts, quick melting tiny chocolate pieces and chewy candied orange peel compliment a refreshingly cool, silky gelato with notes of Puerto Rican rum mixed throughout. Sensational! One more please!! 

Cheers to Davide and Elisabetta of Dolce Gelato for their Cassata, a rumtastic gelato!

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