Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Rum Collective's Brand Logo

The Rum Collective's Brand Logo
The Rum Collective is pleased to introduce its new brand logo! Brand logos are often employed to identify a business and help form a simple association between it and the products or services provided. Using logos or symbols is nothing new to humans, who have been mastering the concept since the dawn of time. In certain cases, these logos or symbols hold significant meaning, create an emotional response in the viewer and display their power through their imagery and what it represents. In order for my idea of this logo design to come alive, we consulted Daniel Young, the graphic design specialist and art force behind Daniel Young Studios. This is the third piece Daniel has finished for The Rum Collective and proud of it we are! The anchor is the central element and is consistent with The Rum Collective's overall graphical theme. The red filigree in the background represents a living collective. It grows organically integrating into the objects in its environment. It visually represents the provision of education on rum and assimilation of followers into the rum lifestyle. We paused Daniel's artistic journey for a few questions regarding his work for The Rum Collective...over a glass of rum naturally.

TRC: How did you get involved in The Rum Collective's brand logo project?

DY: I met Nick about three years ago. I teach art and design at a local academy, so Nick knew about my art career. When he formed TRC, he asked if I could help with the brand's artistic development. After designing his website image and business card, it made sense to continue with the vision on the brand logo.

TRC: What is story behind the brand logo design? Does it symbolize something?

DY: Every image of TRC has a connection to rum or its history. From the beginning, Nick wanted the anchor to be a prominent feature in the design. The anchor's association with the Navy and transport of rum was clear. He did surprise me though, with the proposed organic "tendrils" that flowed around and into the anchor. I think they symbolize a fluid entity, growing and changing, imparting the feeling of a living organism.

TRC: What was the most challenging aspect of the brand logo artistically speaking?

DY: Nick's idea was beautiful, but very detailed and crafting the concept of the tendrils to both our satisfaction was an enduring process. It required close-up, intimate detail with free hand brushing as well as adjusting drop shadows in different layers to portray the three dimensional effect wanted.

TRC: What got you started in art and more specifically graphic design?

DY: When I was younger, I didn't really have toys. My Dad would always draw me toys that I'd play with on the kitchen floor. Ever since then I've hand drawn things for fun and entertainment. Many years later I graduated with a degree in Illustration. I've worked quite a lot as a traditional freelance illustrator and still do. Accepting the work from TRC allowed for a more concentrated focus on brand design. So far I've really enjoyed it.

TRC: Are you a rum drinker? Has working for TRC influenced your preference in rum? Which rum are you drinking now?

DY: You know, to be honest, I never really liked rum...not until I attended The Rum Collective's first meeting. I always found it burnt my throat. I've tried several rums since then and loved them all. In fact, TRC is designing the rum-based cocktails for my wedding. Recently, Ron Abuelo 7yr has been my go-to rum.

TRC: First the website image, then the business card and now completion of the brand logo. Which piece did you enjoy most? Why? What's next?

DY: That's really hard, actually. Every art piece I worked on with Nick was both a challenge and a blast. I love the business card for its clean strong design further pronounced in printed form. The brand logo...because it defines TRC like a visual representation of an organization. I will say I enjoyed the website image most because it's mysterious and hits the part of me that loves fantasy art. Taking Seattle and transforming it slightly while playing on the Treasure Island theme struck my fantasy side. It was an honor to work on it. I am continuing with TRC on several t-shirt designs coming soon. As for what's next, well, I'd like to do some more work for corporations on their visual image and making them more accessible and meaningful to the public. Working as a full time consultant is my end goal.

The Rum Collective would like to thank Daniel Young for a job well done!


  1. Thanks forrest! It was a blast working with Nick. I mean how can you not enjoy creative sessions mingled with fine rum? If you enjoyed the designs, please feel free to check out my page!

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