Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vessel: Last Call?

Vessel's Final Days
(Rocky Yeh & Jim Romdall)
Vessel closes its landmark location this Thursday. Yes, its true, and with New Year's around the corner, the timing could have been better. I had to hear the sad news in person so I paid a visit and my respects last evening. I am told that Vessel could not come to an agreement on their lease. Who owns the building you might ask? I won't point fingers here, but our own University of Washington. Fear not Seattleites, this rum-friendly crew will be opening a new location in 2011. After some relentless questioning, Jim Romdall, Vessel's bar manager, comes forth with some exciting news. He tells me the new location, "will still be Vessel...but better." "We are going to do something that no one else is doing," he says casually while infusing carbon dioxide into the next cocktail. This is not surprising for a bar staff that already serves innovation and liquid elegance nightly. Rocky, whom I recently met, is just the gentleman I like behind the bar, friendly, quick to talk rum and not afraid to improvise. Rocky prepares my final rum cocktail of the evening (see photo). Delicious!

Mangoustans Rum & Averna Fizz
(crafted by Rocky Yeh)

The Rum Collective is very excited to know Vessel will reopen again.
All the best to Jim, Rocky and the staff at Vessel!

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