Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Rum Treats at Cupcake Royale

Cupcake Royale's Rumball Cupcakes
Rum cakes and Rum balls are classic, but have you tried Rumball cupcakes? Seattle's Cupcake Royale does it right with this rum-based holiday treat. Upon first glance this composite appears to have three individual parts, consisting of a blanket of chopped walnuts embedded on a chocolate frosting coated crown supported by its chocolate cake base. Cupcake Royale will have you know they "bake their cupcakes from scratch every day with only the finest local, seasonal ingredients" Want to watch your cupcakes in their formative hours? Go to the back of the store (Capitol Hill) and view the bakers and cupcake makers! Quality ingredients are key to any tasty product. My first bite reveals a rich, silky chocolate frosting with notes of rum. I learn Myers's Original Dark Rum, a Jamaican rum made from molasses, is used and it holds up well in this decadence. The walnuts, which are candied add a nice textural balance to the soft and moist cupcake below the frosting. In addition to the regular size, they have a mini version...bite-size, oh yeah! (tip: if you like more rum flavor, order the regular size) I can't help but recommend them for breakfast with a glass of cold milk as I did this morning.

The Rum Collective thanks Cupcake Royale for making this holiday season taste even better! 

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