Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Festival to Shine in Nassau: A Look Back at the Promise of Rum Bahamas 2014

Festival Rum Bahamas 2014 Opening Ceremony
Today, we are fortunate that there are many events happening around the world called, "Rum Festivals". They sell themselves on their name. Sometimes, they hold true to their namesake; sometimes they do not. Not surprisingly, people get excited about the Rum part, I mean, seriously, who doesn't? Rum conjures up scenery of the Caribbean islands surrounded by turquoise waters, pirates, beautiful people and that tropical heat. But what about the "Festival" part? Many who go to "Rum Festivals" more often find air-conditioned rooms, characterless banquet halls under fluorescent lights inside stuffy hotels and convention centers. Instead of the white sandy beach paradise they imagined, attendees are surrounded by carpeted walkways and sterile white rooms straight out of the sitcom, The Office. Thank you, but no thanks, you can keep that type of festivity. For me, I'm headed to a Festival like no other. Where's there's hot sun overhead, the natural environs of the Caribbean, captivating water views among endless booths overflowing with exotic rums, island food, local crafts and plenty of live music. One needn't search any further for this sort of festival, for it's returning to Nassau at the end of February. Oh yeah! Set inside the stone interiors of Fort Charlotte, its charms will offer something special for each visitor who makes the trek. This historic venue will set the stage, but Festival Rum Bahamas will flaunt more than just ruins and rum, it will inspire to re-capture the idea of what it means to be a 'festival'. Whether you prefer it shaken or stirred, this three day event showcases a delicious and rather intoxicating blend of rum, food and culture for any palate. Sound exciting?! Well, don't just trust my words, get a ticket and go see for yourself! In the meantime, here's a inside look at some of the rum-filled fun that happened last year.

Local rum and food pairings!

John Watling's Pale Rum & Conch Salad

A quick sample of some of the goods from Ron Botran...

Ron Botran booth 

...and smile or two from Bacardi

Bacardi booth

Historical canons line the walls of Fort Charlotte....

....and in the distance the hip shaking rhythms of Cuban Music....

Havana Club Rum and Cuban music

....of course mixed with Havana Club!!

Havana Club booth

Walk around to see booths filled with local artists selling their crafts 

Local Arts and Crafts

Decorative relics of yesterday...

How about a refreshing mixed drink, Caribbean style?

Fresh coconut water and Rhum Clement VSOP

Award winning rums and local beauty.
You needn't read the shirt to understand such a combination produces "Body Solutions"

Gold medal winner Plantation 3 Stars with G's Spa & Body Solutions

Festival Rum Bahamas 2015 is coming soon. Hope to see you there!



  1. I had my event during peak season -- which meant half of my guest were stuck in some major traffic on a Friday after work. But many found their way to banquet halls in Miami in time and didn't have any trouble parking since there was a parking lot right downstairs from the hall. Easy and convenient!

  2. Happy to hear it worked out....what event was this?

  3. My friend told me about this fest. Drinks and eatables were perfect. People really enjoyed the fest.. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. I love festivals–the greeting, live music, food and the bouquet of other experiences. My favorite festival is Rum Fest which happens in Nassau every year. From the first Rum Fest in 2013, I’ve returned every year because it’s a good festival for the Someone Write My Assignment. Recently my mother came for a visit and we went to the festival and had an amazing time.

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