Friday, July 19, 2013

Seattle Rumdrops: Mojito's Mojito

Mojito at Mojito
This week's Rumdrops post finds us under blue skies and a determined Seattle sun. Our answer? Mojito. Yes sir, and in this case, both the cocktail and the restaurant! Tucked away off Lake City Way, this is the hidden gem you need to know about this summer. It is located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood only a few minutes north of Downtown Seattle right off
I-5. Brilliant colors and latin music are the scene. Mojito lovers need not fear the anticipation of those overly sweetened or mint salad mistakes that you've had in the past. The folks at Mojito do it right. Typically, this Cuban cocktail is composed of white rum, sugar, lime, mint leaves and soda water but the variations are numerous. At Mojito, the glasses for this classic cocktail are the first thing you notice walking in; stacked high and proud with limes. Their namesake is muddled with care, balanced in flavor and well-endowed with DonQ Cristal. DonQ is known for their great mixing rums and this is case in point. Fantastico! Their food isn't to be looked over either. Readers note, if you go later in the evening, you may wait for a table, but their will always be a Mojito waiting for you. Si, por favor!

Could this be the best Mojito served in Seattle? Go there and find out for yourself.
You can thank me later...

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