Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seattle Rumdrops: Liberty's Sour dé Martinique

Sour dé Martinique & Clément Premiére Canne
Prepared by Keith Waldbauer
Seattle's cloud cover may have passed momentarily, but the rumdrops haven't stopped falling. This week we refresh our vows for Rhum Agricole at one of our first loves, Liberty Bar. Okay, it wasn't that long ago we dropped in to enjoy a Drink Locally, but Liberty's cocktail menu is deep (like three fingers deep) and full of awesome. Oh yeah! Moreover, Liberty is a friendly, return visit kind-of-place that appreciates rum. As Spring turns into Summer, we find an attractive companion in Liberty's Sour dé Martinique, featuring Clément Premiére Canne. Classically built as a sour with a sugar cane spin; it's simple, sexy et satisfaisante. Keith Waldbauer, co-owner and bartender at Liberty, creates a cocktail with a fine velvety foam reminiscent of a cappuccino, but better. It has Rhum! Aside from its pleasant mouth feel, its light and creamy texture also allows many of the subtleties in this vibrant Rhum Agricole to open up more slowly and be fully appreciated. Sip and savor the delicate bouquet of sugar cane and vegetal notes amidst hints of chocolate. Step aside, pisco, for this old classic may have found its next revival in Agricole, highlighted by this expression from Rhum Clément. Its charming character is owed to its beginnings in the far-away tropical environment of Martinique. The combination of grapefruit and lime forming the citrus component, give it a fun and refreshing quality balanced perfectly for warm weather. Take a close look at the Peychaud's and Angostura Bitters which decorate the surface. Sour art? It's well known that Liberty's bar staff are champions of espresso including latte art. Their artisanal style shows through in their cocktails as well. Clearly, bitters makes it better, and in this case, for more than one reason. The only problem with this perfect summery cocktail is the bottom of glass comes just a little too soon. C'est la vie!


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