Friday, May 31, 2013

Martinique v. Panama: The Gold Cup in Seattle Overflowing with R(h)um

Greetings soccer fans and r(h)um lovers!!

This year the CONCACAF Gold Cup is live in Seattle! And with Bastille Day fast approaching, Martinique v. Panama is the match to watch. Two countries with exciting soccer teams and exceptional
Join us at Bastille Cafe & Bar to celebrate this monumental event with r(h)um of course!!

Event Details:
Date: July 11th, 2013 @5pm

 *Two screens and a projector for viewing
**Rhum J.M and Ron de Jeremy drink specials all night

Martinique Fans - Delight your senses with the sugar cane goodness of Rhum J.M. Sip 'Ti Punches (Blanc or Vieux) until Martinique Wins!

Panama Fans - Go big and bold with Ron de Jeremy. Whether you fancy it Spiced up or enjoy the well-blended Aged Rum, you'll be drinking Ronstyle until Panama scores the winning goal!

Come out and support your favorite team while sipping their national spirits!! Who will win?? Either way, you'll be drinking some tasty libations filled with Rhum J.M and Ron de Jeremy.
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Olé! Olé! Olé!!


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