Thursday, January 17, 2013

Celebrating Harvey's Butter Rum Batter

In the winter, with the temperature below freezing and weather conditions suggest staying inside, a Hot Buttered Rum can't come soon enough. Few drinks pair with the frigid air better than this hot rum-based cocktail. For many, this festive drink is more associated with the winter holidays, but in case you needed another reason for rum (you shouldn't), it's National Hot Buttered Rum Day. To celebrate this special day we call on our local and longtime household friend, Harvey's Butter Rum Batter. Oh yeah!

Harvey's Butter Rum Batter was created by a gentleman named Harvey Hudson around 1951. He settled with his wife in Bremerton, Washington during World War II taking on many jobs including bartending at several bars, such as the Roundtable Club, the old Meloday Lane and the Sportsman Lounge. In short, he created a recipe to his liking improving on what was being served at the time. His recipe became popular and everyone wanted to make it, just as those who create cocktails tending bar today. He took the recipe to market and rest of the details are history. Today, it is still made in Bremerton and although Harvey passed two years ago at the age of 94, his rum batter mix lives on. Its yellow package with the "Fonzarelli" looking bunny is unmistakable and recognized by many in the Northwest. The design logo was based off an idea from an old 1950s movie titled, Harvey, featuring James Stewart. Haven't seen it? Neither have I, but here's a drink for the show.

Hot Buttered Rum
2oz Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum
1.5 tbsp Harvey's Butter Rum Batter
8oz hot water
Cinnamon stick garnish

Mixing it up: For those who don't want to make their own rum batter mix from scratch and are looking for a simple but tasty, no fuss mixer for a cocktail at home, Harvey's is a solid choice at a reasonable price. But what about the rum? I prefer to taste the rum in cocktails in general and would suggest using a Jamaican Rum for its bold flavors, like Appleton Estate Rum. If you like it on the spiced side, Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum works well. Enjoy a Hot Buttered Rum with a taste of the Northwest today!



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