Friday, July 20, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: Playing Roulette at Canon

For this week's mouth watering adventure, we visit Canon. Although Seattle's days have appeared bright in the past week drying up all the rain, (yes folks, Seattle does receive sunlight) you may not have noticed the Sun in the midst of all the limelight coming from media reports about our beloved Canon. A dedicated and rather decorated staff reminds both their regulars and one-time visitors that Art of the Bar is not just to be viewed on a coffee table, but can be sipped and savored, one cocktail at a time. You need only step inside. Upon entering, you will find a cocktail menu, not littered with drinks, but simple and with purpose. Sure, they have only a handful of rum-based cocktails as a "whiskey and bitters emporium", but what is not there in quantity, they make up for in quality. No, I must elaborate or take back that descriptor entirely. For "quality" is quite vague, overused, and too, well, how should I put it, boring. The showmanship in each offering is elevating, in mood and in spirit. Moreover, the effect Canon has on its patrons, has been called or may be known to some as raising the bar! Some say, ordering this or that classic drink, is a good test of a bartender's skills. I agree and although knowing the way around classic cocktails is important, I would up the ante if placing a bet on Canon. Here, the tender-hearted gents behind the bar know their way, not only through their impressive selection of spirits, but around each customer's tastes and mood as they present. Don't believe me? Go there for a drink. To put my money where my mouth so wanted to be, I did exactly this. I noticed a cocktail on the menu titled, shrouded roulette. The description below it reads,"tell us your base spirit and we'll create the mystery". If you have ever played Roulette at a casino, then you know the deal; you can't win if you don't play. So, I ordered it, calling out Ron Diplomatico as my base spirit. Ask and you shall receive! (see photo). When I asked the bartender, Jared, what was in the drink, he replied that he built an Old Cuban with Diplomatico Añejo. The Añejo works well and does justice to this fabulous libation created by cocktail diva Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club. So, go down and grab a seat where every table is hot, opening at $10 a hand. Winning!!


PS - You may also notice that Canon's cocktails, instead of casting a shadow as expected, illuminate the bar counter in more than one way (see photo)


  1. Well, I kind of think life is a gamble so if it were me, I'd go right ahead and join you. Yeah, feels like playing in a casino. -Bethany

  2. For this week's mouth watering adventure, we visit Canon. Although Seattle's days have appeared bright in the past week drying up all the rain, roulette tricks

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