Friday, July 6, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: Naga's Vigoureux

Vigoureux at Naga Lounge
by Jason Saura
Junuary may be defined as that wet and 60's, gray cloud-covered weather that has persisted here in Seattle for the past six months. Ready for a change yet? Well, we're back this week to kick off the dry season with a rhum cocktail sure to instill some liquid sunshine into your day, just in case you missed the rare event happening outside. As you know, happiness in this season need not be dry!

Built with awesome, this cocktail features two base liquors. The contrasting flavor profiles of Rhum J.M. VSOP and Hennessy V.S. Cognac fill the mouth like two melodies striking a perfect Bach-like counterpoint balance. The aromas of bitters and citrus unveil a rich cognac coating the mouth. Then, the delicate floral bouquet of an aged Rhum Agricole arises shaping the experience with latent accents. This libation satisfies expectations of a long and dreamy extended finish often found in sipping aged rhum agricoles or cognacs neat. First, the cocktail glass is blessed with drops of a French Absinthe, followed by a simple measure of Rhum J.M. Sirop de Canne à Sucre and the oils of a lemon at the end. The indication of thoughtful, quality craftsmanship is apparent. Jason Saura, bar manager at Chantanee's Naga Lounge informs us he originally created it using Rhum Clément V.S.O.P. (in place of Rhum J.M.) and wanted to create a cocktail using all French ingredients for Rhum Clément's 125th Anniversary Cocktail Challenge. It will be featured on the upcoming menu but don't hesitate to go ask Jason for a round and all the yummy details today!


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