Monday, April 23, 2012

Rum Renaissance 2012: Rumming Through the Days - pt. 2

The Great Rum Challenge

So, you think you know rum? Many came to test their prowess of rum knowledge; many were humbled. The test consisted of tasting eight rums and all you had to do is be able to identify them (see photo). The bottles from which each sample came were displayed on stage and discussed in detail giving each contestant a fair playing field. Sounds easy right?

The Great Rum Challenge
Congratulations to the only winner, James Soper.
There can be only one!

Miami Club Rum Distillery Tour

Miami Club Rum
We enter an art gallery to find one of Miami's newest rums. Surprised? Miami Club Rum's bottle, like the facility is white walled and pristine, covered with select blown-up portraits of local pinup girls. This small batch distillery boasts a rum created in part by wooden corkscrew style aging and the provocative rhythms of Salsa music. All present had the opportunity to meet and greet the maker of another interesting craft rum coming out of America today.

Now, off for some more rum!

Liars Club Pop-Up Bar

The Liars Club Menu
Few words can describe the spectacle of Bacchanalia the UK team brought to the Deauville's Famous Jazz Club on their opening night. Talented and fearless team leader, Captain Lyndon Higginson and his crew orchestrated a show to the level of Cirque du Soleil, except on Rum. Simultaneously, each team member was slamming out craft cocktails to pulse of music that made one's head spin, literally. It wasn't enough that each bloke would make you a tasty drink; they had to match each one they served by free pouring into their own mouths. Man up! Like a team of thirsty sailors, forced rum rations were dolled out to each other from behind the bar to boost their already ecstatic morale. Readers note, you won't find this scene at your local cocktail bar, or in fact, any bar in the USA. Awesome!!

Joe Fee (Fee Brothers Bitters) enjoying...
The crowd went crazy as glasses became rare and make shift vessels were used. As the night went on, the antics increased. This team is serious. All are members of this year's Bacardi UK Tiki Team. Not suprisingly they won this year's World Tiki Championships yet again. Rumtastic!

Liars Club Pop Up Bar
Left to Right
Danny Murphy, Alexx Mouzouris, Georgi Radev, Lyndon Higginson
This bloody brilliant scene can not be communicated by a simple post alone. If you were lucky enough to experience this in person, you will agree a movie is as close as you can get to properly highlight this British invasion. Thankfully, a co-drinker, Lauren Scheich, captured two short clips just as the party got started. Check this unedited footage out below.

Raw, Uncut & Unedited - The Final Video
The Liars Club
by Lauren Scheich

Cheers UK team and long live the style of Manchester's legendary Liar's Club!

The Liars Club Pop Up Bar Team
{Capt. Lyndon Higginson, Bart Murphy, Georgi Radev, Alexx Mouzouris and Danny Murphy}

..stay tuned for the next days' VIP parties!!

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