Friday, February 3, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: Barrio's Corn N' Oil

Corn N' Oil at Barrio
It's not raining in Seattle, but not to worry, for I captured another rumdrop to wet your whistle. Barrio, a Capital Hill favorite, is the setting to indulge in a classic Bajan cocktail known as Corn N' Oil. Its ingredients of falernum, rum, lime and bitters when mixed in proper proportions forms a concoction that does the trick. Falernum, you say? Although it is delicate, it should not be confused during a conversation with the term frenulum! That said, most falernum is made of sugar cane syrup and rum infused with spices and lime giving a slightly sweet taste and a unique mouth feel. It provides this charming cocktail's silky oil-like texture. John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum is the classic choice for many cocktails and is made by the award winning distiller R. L. Seale in Barbados. Need a bottle? Well, it can be found locally at the WSLCB. However, you can also make your own. Barrio does this using Cruzan Rum as the base. Although Bajan Rums have traditionally been used in the cocktail, the Cruzan Blackstrap Rum is the most popular choice with reason. It works well due to its dark color and dominant molasses and burnt sugar notes. Twofer! Floating it on top of the Falernum gives the spectacle of an oil spill-like appearance. So, what about the corn? Good question. Try it yourself and find out next to a bowl of tortilla chips and fresh salsa for $6 during happy hour (3-6pm daily). For those living in today's economy, be sure to go on Sundays when all specialty cocktails are $6 all day...and they have more than a few rum-based selections on the menu. Yum!


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