Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer in Seattle Brings a Climate of Rum

Summer Rum Arrivals
Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier (background)
Summer is here! This change of season brings a few more bottles of rum to choose from. Although rum's versatility makes it a choice spirit for all of the seasons, it is more often associated with the summer months. Hot weather-inspired tropical rum drinks, barbeques, rum punches and classic rum cocktails sipped over waterfront views come to mind, not to mention less clothing and warmer rum-filled nights. While the Northwest's seasonal weather changes seem less diverse and more monotone, the climate of rum in Seattle is shifting to better quality and wider selection to make up for it. Variety is the spice of life right? And that spice may now come in the form of a new spiced rum. Presented with more options, one needs to know which new arrival they want to choose first. The Rum Collective is interested in making that choice an informed one!

Bardenay Rum: Looking for a rum from the Northwest? How about a different mixer for that rum and coke? Well, here it is, coming to Washington from its neighbor Idaho and more noteworthy, the first restaurant distillery in the United States! "Distilled from cane sugar" and not too expensive with a reported "Northwest" flavor at $22.45.

Chairman's Reserve Rum: Undervalued, Chairman's Reserve is full of flavor and reasonably priced. This is a great combination if you are looking for a quality rum. St. Lucia's finest will find you pleasantly surprised. This rum's profile holds up great in quality cocktails and will work nicely on ice or in simple mixers like coconut water, ginger ale or orange juice (fresh pressed of course). A steal of a deal at $21.95. Its clear colored counterpart is also available if you want a solid mixer without as much flavor for $23.60.

Banks 5 Island Rum: A great choice for making daiquiris, mojitos and many other craft cocktails where a unique and delicious white rum is necessary. Yes, you should try to taste all five islands this summer and now you can do it all at once for $38.05!

Dancing Pines Rum: If spiced rums are your thing, try Dancing Pines Spiced Rum, a small batch rum from Colorado. Small batch and boutique distilleries are on the rise and here is yet another example. A good choice for a late night Hot Toddy or Spiced Cider. Priced at $37.35 it falls in price range of other products made in the USA.

Kōloa Rum: Kōloa Dark is the second rum in their line to become available in Washington this year. It works with tropical fruit and other cocktails requiring a dark rum. Also a nice finishing touch for certain desserts, like ice cream or rum cake. Made in Kauai, (see my post) this premium Hawaiian product shouldn't be overlooked at $48.10.

Ron Abuelo: Ron Abuelo 12yr is a respectable, go-to sipping rum, served neat or on the rocks. It is versatile, working well in premium cocktails or paired with a cigar and priced right at $34.95. If you are looking for something really special to be enjoyed at a celebratory event or perhaps to show off to those fine spirit loving friends, then Ron Abuelo Centuria is the right choice. From Panama (see previous post) this is a blend of aged rums up to 30 years you will not want to miss at $125. Yum!

Another round of applause for those WSLCB stores that are making better rum selection a reality!
(Note to buyers: look at stores #96, #136 and #101 first)


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