Friday, April 29, 2011

Rum Renaissance 2011: Part I

Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant
Zombie Jamboree

Mai Kai is the setting. This undead intoxi-concoction brought to life by Don the Beachcomber over 75 years ago is resurrected. Zombies were called upon and were slayed beneath tiki torches. Drum pulsing fire dances in grass skirts filled the stage of Polynesian culture. Rummies united here to celebrate the first day of Rum Renaissance 2011Jeff "Beachbum" Berry presented its history and another tasty lesson in tiki origins and authenticity was sipped to the end. One more please! This legendary tiki cocktail inspired competition may have determined a winner, but all those voting became Zombies and stumbled away not needing any impersonation of the living dead. A perfect start!

Bermuda Triangle VIP Party

We arrived poolside at the Deauville Beach Resort surrounded by water in all directions. Rum compass? Check. Barritt's Ginger Beer and Fee Brothers sponsored a craft cocktail competition involving local mixologists. Did you say bitters, ginger beer, at least 5 types of rum and fresh fruit? Oh yeah! History tells us there are some unfortunate visitors who travel over the Bermuda Triangle and disappear. Which bartender will weather this storm? Let the drinking begin!

Dressed for Success
(Freddy Diaz, Lindsay Gorton, Joshua Holliday)

The cocktail fashioned by Freddy Diaz of Alambiq made with two types of Ron Dos Maderas was cheered to victory by the crowd. There were other fine attempts at this feat that lost their way. A special mention of the Miami Mule which may have disrupted some of the circuitry in those who were overcome with this very drinkable and delicious libation.

Winner - Bermuda Triangle
(by Freddy Diaz)
Bermuda Triangle
1.5oz Dos Maderas 5+3
0.5oz Dos Maderas PX
1oz Barrit's Ginger Beer
1oz Don's Mix #1
0.5oz Boiron Lime Juice
0.5oz Simple syrup
1 dash Fee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters
Thin slice of grapefruit & cinnamon stick
wrapped with a cucmber string (garnish) 

Miami Mule
(by Ezra Pattek )
Miami Mule
1oz Ron Zacapa 23yr
1oz Banks 5 Island Rum
3 dashes Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters
1oz Lime juice (fresh squeezed)
1oz Barrit's Ginger Beer
Mint sprig (garnish)

Cheers to the beginning of Rum Renaissance 2011!

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