Sunday, February 20, 2011

Black Tot Last Consignment: A First and Final Offering in Seattle

Black Tot Last Consignment
The Original Royal Naval Rum that made history has arrived on the shores of Seattle. Black Tot Last Consignment is from a time past, but not forgotten. On what is called, Black Tot Day, July 31, 1970, a presumably sad day for seafaring service men, the Royal Navy ended the 300 year old practice of rum rations. Fortunately for us there were a few imperial gallons remaining to be bottled. How old is this rum you ask? The exact age has been lost in time, but the informative Black Tot website indicates it may have been distilled in the 1940's! Care for a taste of rum fit for Admirals? Smartly packaged in a elegant wooden box, you receive a 1/2 gill copper measuring cup, a book on rum written by award-winning author, Dave Broom to accompany the black 750ml bottle (see photo). Black Tot may be priceless to some, but it will cost you, regardless of where you buy it. Currently, it is retailing in Washington State Liquor Stores for $1,112.35 USD per 750ml bottle. Black Tot is not listed on their website yet, but it can be requested in store. I am aware the University District location (store #96) is able to order them. This piece of liquid history will not be around forever and when this rum is gone, no one will ask why.

To those who made Black Tot Last Consignment happen, The Rum Collective salutes you!