Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st Annual National Rum Day Seattle

Top Shelf
There are firsts for many things in life; this year on National Rum Day, Seattle needed one. For those who celebrated it with us, may these photos stroke your memory; for those that didn't, may they impress upon you the importance of Rum on August 16th for years to come. Enjoy!

At the bar

And we said...let there be Rum!

Menu du jour / Caracas

The gospel of the day

by Jay Kuehner

When in Seattle, do....a double shot of rum and espresso

by Jay Kuehner

1.5oz Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
...served with espresso/sugared lime

Rum Punch
by Jay Kuehner

Drinking like a Chairman!

Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum
....a little lime, hibiscus and Angostura Bitters

Rum Flight

Got $6?

Take a flight into the Caribbean:

Rhum J.M. Paille (Gold)
Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum
Plantation 20th Anniversary Rum

At the bar

Pillars of the Community

The evening festivities continued....

A big thank you to Jay Kuehner and the staff at Sambar for an amazing night!

Cheers to Chairman's Reserve, Rhum J.M., Blackwell, Plantation and Diplomatico for their bottomless support!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seattle Rumdrops: Seattle Stormy at Edgewater's Six Seven

Seattle Stormy
by Lee Glaspey
The weather this week is what people of the Northwest live for; sadly it's short lived. The Seattle Stormy, however, is one cocktail that is not. Its name forecasts the "normal" weather in Seattle; cloudy with a chance of rain. It was created by Lee Glaspey, bar manager at Six Seven one of Seattle's best waterfront venues. Located inside The Edgewater Hotel, Six Seven has something for every guest, sun or storm, cocktails included. Their Seattle Stormy is like the Dark 'n' Stormy, but more to the point. Instead of Gosling's Black Seal Rum as a base, the sweeter, more mixable Ron Pampero Aniversario from Venezuela is used. Great choice! Lee tells me the story behind this drink is that during a period when they didn't have ginger beer for Dark 'n' Stormy's, he started making fresh ginger juice to get by. It worked out well, end of story. The final distinctive marks in this simple, yet satisfying drink is the ginger ale added last to top it up and the lemon wedge in place of a lime garnish. Pampero Aniversario's full bodied, rich flavor holds up well with the ginger juice and lemon almost resembling a ginger tea. Brilliantly refreshing on a hot summer day!

Seattle Stormy
1.5oz Pampero Aniversario
0.5oz ginger juice
Topped up with ginger ale
Lemon wedge garnish